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employee recruitment policy

Employee Recruitment Policy


1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define the rules and process of employee selection and hiring in order to:

  • ensure the company’s transparency, visibility and impartiality in accordance with EU, national and regional law;

  • provide a useful guide to the company areas/units involved in the process;

  • give employees and new hires an informative guide.


2. Application

These rules apply to hiring for permanent positions at L’Immagine Ritrovata S.r.l. and its direct/indirect subsidiaries, except for the recruitment of personnel belonging to legally protected categories to which special legal procedures apply.

3. General criteria for selecting employees

The company’s process of selecting and hiring personnel is based on disclosure and transparency so as to make clear the criteria adopted for recruiting a resource.

Candidate searches and selection tests must be arranged and carried out according to the following general criteria:

a)      Visible and transparent selection process

For this purpose, a public announcement for each hiring will be made and published on the company’s websites.

b)      Impartial evaluation

The selection process is based on evaluating and identifying the resource with the professional experience and background best suited to performing the duties of the position in question.

c)       Equal opportunity and non-discrimination

Employment decisions are not based on gender, culture, origin or other discriminatory criteria.


4. Employee selection

Based on guidelines provided by the Board of Directors, the director or manager of the company area in question will begin the search and selection process as follows:

a)      Selection process announcement

A job announcement will be published on the company’s website for a reasonable period of time prior to the application deadline, which may not be less than 15 days.

The announcement must include:

  • the professional profile;

  • requirements, educational qualifications and credentials;

  • if professional experience in the sector is a requirement or consideration in the application process;

  • application procedure and deadline as well as the duration of the evaluation period;

  • placement and compensation;

  • Selection timing and methods (selection based on qualifications and/or interviews and/or written or practical tests).

b)      Screening committee

A screening committee will be created with the director, the head of the company sector/area needing the resource and potential external experts with proven experience regarding the professional profile in question.

c)       Requirements for inclusion in the selection process:

  • pertinence of educational qualifications and background to the position;

  • professional experience in the position or similar ones (when indicated by the job announcement);

  • other experiences related to the position (when indicated by the job announcement).

d)      After analyzing requirements this phase ends with:

  • a defined list of potential candidates

  • scheduled meetings with selected candidates

e)      Selection

The selection focuses exclusively on a comprehensive examination of the most qualified skills and aptitudes for performing the duties (or profession) required.

Resumes, tests and interviews should make it possible to evaluate: the candidate’s abilities, skills, aptitudes and reliability, along with any other additional professional value that can be inferred from these characteristics, in relation to the company’s objectives.

The steps of the selection process are:

  • resume review

  • interview focusing on aptitudes and skills

  • written test if necessary

The announcement defines the phases of the selection process and the tests to be performed.

f)        Final selection

The results of the selection process will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates and published on the company’s website, in accordance with current privacy law.

The communication will only mention information regarding the selected candidate and the end date of the process.


5. Evaluation criteria and methods

Qualifications and experience will be evaluated and completed with the following:

  • information about the shortlisted candidates to be invited for an interview and / or written test, in accordance with current privacy law;

  • scheduling the interviews / tests of the shortlisted candidates.

Written test (if provided)

  • if provided by the announcement, the announcement will also indicate how the test will be administered and its purpose;

  • the screening committee will define the content of the test;

  • after the written test, the screening committee will draw up a list of the candidates to be interviewed;

  • information about the shortlisted candidates to be invited for an interview and / or written test, in accordance with current privacy law;

  • holding interviews with the shortlisted candidates.


The interview evaluates the candidate’s technical competencies, professional experience, aptitude, skills and motivation.

At the end of the interview process, the screening committee will rank the potential candidates.

L’Immagine Ritrovata will proceed with recruiting the persons listed in the ranking in order of importance.

Each candidate has 10 days to accept or not.

The screening committee may decide not to include any candidate in the ranking for recruitment.